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              COCOCA logo - coffee from Burundi | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd.    Cupping session at COCOCA in Burundi | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd.  Cupping session at COCOCA in Burundi | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd.  

    The Consortium des Coopératives des Caféiculteurs (COCOCA) is a union of cooperatives of coffee growers and was created in 2012. The COCOCA union now includes 33 cooperatives with more than 27,000 members. The cooperatives of coffee growers are the only shareholders in the COCOCA Union.  

    COCOCA provides access to finances for its member cooperatives and ensures quality management, certifications and access to market. The goal is to ensure that all members can derive income from their coffee growing efforts, improve their financial security and reach a higher standard of living.

    The COCOCA union has its own brand of coffee "Horomama". The broad meaning of the word horomama includes courage, strength & perseverance. Traditionally it's used by Burundian women in a repetitive song to encourage them on their way to work. COCOCA's members work hand in hand, together, and the union provides the strength that refers to the meaning of the word horomama.

    Cooperative Coffees began colaborating with COCOCA in 2017 in order to support their transition to organic certification, a process that takes multiple years. Our coffee comes from the Cooperative Dusubizitekigitegwacikawa (try to pronounce that!) “Ntita Coffee Washing Station”, located in the community Buyengero in the Rumonge province.

    Located in Buyengero at 1560-1630 meters -- Varietals: Arabica - Bourbon 

    information courtesy of COCOCA website & Cooperative Coffees