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    The Coopérative de Solidarité du Café Equitable is a solidarity cooperative based in Montreal, Quebec and intricately linked to its sister coop - Cooperative Coffees, Americus, GA. It is a voluntary association offering communication and promotional services associated to fair trade goods, practices and quality related issues. These services are provided to the members of Cooperative Coffees, its Southern producer partners, and its support members.

    The coop itself is comprised of individuals, organizations, and businesses with a like-minded objective to deepen Fair Trade and the relationships that it helps sustain.

    On the administrative side of things, we are a tri-lingual office and serve as a communications center between Cooperative Coffees and Producer Partners, facilitating the planning and logistics of our coffee contracts, verifying that quality standards are met and offering feedback to producers. We also help circulate producer information to CC roaster members either directly or via our website. Relating these tasks to the current Cooperative Coffees committee structure and organizing logic, the Canadian office will ultimately be responsible for overseeing work plans and activities stemming from the Green Committee, Communications (internal and external), Quality Control, and Special Projects.

    CoopSol has a mixed model, meaning that we have
        * User members (roasters or producers that are linked to Coop Coffees)
        * Support members (Coop Coffees is a support member)
        * Worker members

    The co-operative is structured as a solidarity co-operative having the following goals:

    • To operate and strengthen a socially responsible business in the field of fair trade goods ;

    • To contribute to the economic prosperity of its members ;

    • To continually improve the quality of our relationships and of the fair trade products and services we provide ;

    • To assure continuity and congruency with our values for social justice throughout our trading links “from the seed to the finished cup”.

    • To provide a forum where the producer voice can be included in a formal and intentional way

    Basic Functions

    Coop Sol's mandate is to help Coop Coffees foster strong producer relationships, in order to import Fair Trade and organic coffee in accordance with mission and values.

    1. To provide excellent communication

    2. To promote among members and affiliates

    3. To manage logistics and mechanics of importation process in tandem with Cooperative Coffees.

    CoopSol Staff

    Cooperative Coffees' staff is shared between our two offices, our main office in Americus, and our Coop Sol office in Montreal. These are the folks that make the day to day operations of this organization possible. Below are the staff for the Montreal office.

    Montreal Quality "Labo Equitable"

    The Coopérative de Solidarité du Café Équitable (CoopSol), in partnership with Cooperative Coffees and Coffee Lab International, is proud to announce the certification of the Labo Equitable Montreal as Canada’s first SCAA accredited training laboratory for cupping and quality control.

    The Labo Equitable is responsible for sample testing for import approval or refusal of Cooperative Coffees members’ contracts and for non-member sales, quality profile evaluation from regions across the coffee growing world, and the facilitation of information exchange and learning amongst a broad sector of the Specialty Coffee industry, coffee producing partners, and the consuming public at large.

    And now, as an SCAA certified learning lab, we offer specialized courses to help new-comers to the world of Specialty Coffee in demystifying the building blocks of quality; and for seasoned coffee traders and roasters looking to improve their skills and / or qualify, to join the ranks of SCAA Cupping Judges or Q Graders, based upon industry-recognized standards. Located in Montréal, a city renowned as an international crossroads in North America, we also offer multi-lingual instruction (French, English and Spanish) as well as a rich cultural experience.

    by Shannon Ripley