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    Cooperative Coffees group at their 2011 AGM that took place at Bean North Coffee Roasting's cafe in Yukon, Canada

    Every year Cooperative Coffees has an Annual General Meeting (AGM), and it is usually hosted by one of the owner-members.  In 2011 Bean North hosted the Cooperative Coffees AGM. We used both our roastery & cafe as well as the amazing facilities of Sundog Retreat for three days of heated discussion from August 18 to the 21. Bean North is the only owner-member in the Yukon, and after spending many hours and dollars over the years travelling to coop events/meetings 'down south', we were delighted to host the meetings in our neck of the woods! 

    16 of Cooperative Coffees' owner-members were represented in the meetings as well as many staff members. The group was nestled in this beautiful part of the world for several days of meetings, networking, and fun! The first day was dedicated to green beans and quality.  EJ - at that time the new quality lab guru - led sessions about cupping and quality processes. A cupping session took place to calibrate everyone's pallets to EJ’s poetic descriptions. The Bean North staff was on hand too….helping, learning, and taking care of business! Cupping at the Cooperative Coffees 2011 AGM that was held at Bean North Coffee Roasting's cafe in Yukon, Canada
    In the following days, the group had lively discussions about some of the priority topics for the coop in the coming year. They reviewed and approved the three year Strategic Plan and the first year milestones. A review of the financial results and projections for the coming year took place as well … this was especially interesting this year given the unprecedented specialty coffee commodity prices. Then time was spent talking about continuous improvement to our green buying coop governance structure and several other pertinent topics.

    The 2011 Cooperative Coffees AGM took place at Bean North Coffee Roasting's cafe in Yukon, CanadaAnd, in between the group managed to eat some amazing local food, enjoyed great coffee and latte art, sang songs, and generally enjoyed their time together. It was great to experience firsthand the energy, social consciousness, brain power, and camaraderie that makes this such an amazing organization!

    *text and images courtesy of Felipe Gurdian and Cooperative Coffees 



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