We visit our Sumatran coffee producer friends in Indonesia!

Said from TPSA translates our Sumatran Silk coffee label. This coffee is produced by farmers from five villages - all are members of Permata Gayo. Helen asked the farmer what it was like to see their coffee roasted, packaged and ready for sale and he answered with one word, “Amazing!”

Bean North owner Helen visited Sumatra, Indonesia in November 2017! This was our first visit to Indonesia and we were super excited to be here. Together with representatives from Cooperative Coffees, Los Beans Coffee, Lenoir Lacroix, Just Us! Coffee and TFO Canada Helen visited our farmer friends at Permata Gayo and other cooperatives. TFO Canada confronts the challenge of global poverty by promoting sustainable economic development through export information, advice in contact. They facilitate access to the Canadian marketplace and share Canadian trade expertise for the benefit of smaller male and female owned-managed exporters from developing countries and for the men and women they employ.

Helen pick coffee on Sumatra

Helen and Mutia Zahara - member of Permata Gayo - show their harvest.

Left: Helen and Mutia Zahara pick coffee at Yusran’s farm. The name of his farm is Ampus Amanuli.

Right: Helen and Mutia Zahara - member of Permata Gayo - show their harvest.

Saman Dance
Welcome dance by children of Ariganata Cooperative.

Above: Helen's group was welcomed by various groups with a 'Saman Dance' or other ceremonial dance. Saman - or the dance of thousand hands - is a traditional performance from the Gayo ethnic group and celebrates important occasions. It's characterized by fast-paced rhythm and harmony between dancers. Don't forget to check out the videos of some of dances on our Facebook page!

Tree planting at the Gayo Coffee Plantation and Research Facility

Seladang Cafe

Left: Helen visited the Gayo Coffee Plantation and Research Facility and she had the honour of planting a tree. Check out the name of this tree!! 
Right: We visited the beautiful Seladang Cafe, owned by Sadikon and his wife. Seladang means taking temporary shelter in a rice field. The cafe is set on a coffee farm in the middle of the forest and is definitely off the beaten track. It has beautiful gardens, a gorgeous outdoor sitting area, and has a wonderful welcoming vibe. If Bean North had a café in Sumatra...This would be it!!
Sanger, an Achenese style coffee
Drying racks with a view!  

Left: Sanger is an Achenese style coffee with a layer of sweet condensed milk at the bottom of the cup.

Right: Drying racks with a view!

A beautiful vista at the Ariganata Cooperative.

The Kokowagayo leadership team of an all women cooperative.

Left: A beautiful vista at the Ariganata Cooperative.

Right: Helen with the Kokowagayo leadership team. Kokowagayo is an all women cooperative.

Cupping session in Sumatra. Sumatran coffee cupping session

One afternoon, the group had a cupping session (coffee tasting) where they cupped samples from 5 cooperatives. Producers from each co-op attended the session.

Natural Sumatran Gayo coffee in the drying stage


A passionate poem about arabica coffee 

Left:  Natural Sumatran Gayo coffee in the drying stage.  As you can see clearly on this photo, natural coffee is dried with the fruit left on the bean.
Right: Presenting a powerful poem about arabica coffee 
At the end of her visit, Helen visited an eco-lodge and saw (semi-wild) orangutangs!

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