Who is Bean North?

 Bean North is an organic, fair-trade coffee roastery located in the northern boreal forest of the Yukon. Founded in 1997, we stand for ethical production, sustainable practices, traceability, and delicious coffee.

We’re also passionate about where we live, in the beautiful Yukon Territory in northern Canada. Located north of Whitehorse, we roast twice weekly—in the summer, under the midnight sun and in the winter, under the northern lights. The Yukon is a magical place and there’s some of that magic in our coffee.

Bean North is a proud member of Cooperative Coffees, a green importing cooperative that’s committed to partnering with small-scale farmers and their exporting cooperatives. We’re also a member of Fair Trade Proof, a cooperative of independent roasters across North America that prioritize long-term, equitable partnerships with farmers.

Yukon Chowneilius is in charge of customer and staff care. She loves getting rubs and she takes her job very seriously. Oh, and she’s also very good at keeping us all protected from the squirrels!