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    Everything starts with our coffee producers, the farmers who cultivate the finest certified organic ad fair trade coffee we roast for you. Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. is owner member of Cooperative Coffees, a green coffee importing cooperative, and together we purchase coffee directly from small scale coffee farmers. We visit these communities, meet the producers and their families and have long term relationships with them.

    In 2011 Bean North hosted the Cooperative Coffees AGM. Check out the photos here!

    Cooperative Coffees exists to import high-quality, organic green coffee from small-scale farmer organizations to build long-term relationships and foster fair and equitable trading practices. The goal is to make coffee-growing a sustainable and beneficial endeavor for farmer families and their communities. 

    Cooperative Coffees strives to be:

    A Thriving Importing Business – Our terms of trade are the best choice in the eyes of our trading partners and our business practices are defined, documented and disseminated to serve as a model for the coffee industry.

    A Thriving Community – We understand the basic needs of our trading partners and facilitate access to specific expertise to help small-scale farmers improve their production capabilities and meet their basic needs. We measure the impact of our relationships not only economically, but also in terms of overall quality of life for our partners and their communities.

    A Thriving Cooperative – Our governance and operations are: explicit, effective, efficient, forward-looking, fun-loving, fair-minded, and sustainable.

    Read the other menu item to learn about Fair Trade, Organic Practices, and Coffee Quality.


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