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    Cooperative Coffees Canada is based in Montreal, QC and intricately linked to Cooperative Coffees, located in Americus, GA. Cooperative Coffees Canada is the nonprofit arm of Cooperative Coffees. As a solidarity cooperative its structure allows Cooperative Coffees to convene roasters, staff, producer partners, and allies for the purpose of organizing and aggregating their voice formally into our organization. 

    Cooperative Coffees Canada is a trilingual office and serves as a communications center between Cooperative Coffees and producer partners, facilitating the planning and logistics of our coffee contracts, verifying that quality standards are met and offering feedback to producers. They also help circulate producer information to Cooperative Coffees roaster members. 

    Cooperative Coffees raises 3 cents per pound of green coffee on every sale as an Impact Fund to support our Carbon, Climate, and Coffee initiative. Our goal - and one of Cooperative Coffees Canada's tasks - is to leverage this fund through public and private matching funds for greater impact in the communities we work in. 

    Cooperative Coffees Canada is a multi stakeholder solidarity cooperative  giving all Cooperative Coffees members, staff, producer partners and strategic allies a formal voice in our organization. All members have the like-minded objective to deepen Fair Trade and the relationships that it helps sustain. The exchange of ideas between roasters and producers is crucial to build understanding around issues and to build mechanism to address these issues collaboratively.

    Learn more about Cooperative Coffees staff on their website.

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