Le Labo Equitable

Cooperative Coffees Canada in partnership with Cooperative Coffees and Coffee Lab International, is proud to announce the certification of Le Labo Equitable Montreal as Canada’s first SCAA accredited training laboratory for cupping and quality control - it serves as the in-house sample-testing lab.

Le Labo Equitable is responsible for sample testing for import approval or refusal of Cooperative Coffees members’ contracts and for non-member sales, quality profile evaluation from regions across the coffee growing world, and the facilitation of information exchange and learning amongst a broad sector of the Specialty Coffee industry, coffee producing partners, and the consuming public at large.

And now, as an SCAA certified learning lab, it offers specialized courses to help newcomers to the world of Specialty Coffee in demystifying the building blocks of quality, it assists seasoned coffee traders and roasters looking to improve their skills, and it helps them qualify to join the ranks of SCAA Cupping Judges ("Q Graders"), based upon industry-recognized standards. Located in Montréal, a city renowned as an international crossroads in North America, the Labo also offer multi-lingual instruction (French, English and Spanish) as well as a rich cultural experience.

by Shannon Ripley