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    Laotian coffee producers from Plateau Bolaven at the drying racks | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. At the Laotian coffee producer group Plateau Bolaven | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd.  Drying racks and a scenic view at producer group Plateau Bolaven in Laos | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. Showing coffee cherries in Laos | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. Women producers in the fields at Plateau Bolaven Coffee Producers Group, Laos | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd.

    The Plateau Bolaven Coffee Producers Groups Association was created in 2007 and is a prime example about what is possible when small-scale farmers join forces. Today, the 100% farmers’ own organization consists of about 1,855 coffee growing households spread in 55 villages and thus has come a long way since its establishment in 2007, when it started from scratch. In 2012, CPC exported 603 tons of green coffee. The organization is now continuing to grow with export around 1,000 tons of green coffee annually.  This, together with CPCs other achievements was reason enough for the Lao government to award the cooperative as the “Laos Best coffee exporter 2012” for best prices and best quality. 

    Locally known as the "Spring of Lao coffee", the Bolaven Plateau is considered as the source of life for smallholders who live there. Boasting exceptional climatic and geological conditions, it has an old history with coffee since its introduction by the French nearly one century ago. Since then, Bolaven coffees have gained regional and international recognition from their organoleptic qualities and uniqueness.

    The smallholders families that make up the CPC have an average of 3 hectares of plantations. Considered as poor producers, these men and women have found through the cooperative means of decent living from their work and take charge of their own destiny and that of their communities. Being included in a responsible value chain and producing high quality coffee enable the cooperative’s members to establish trustful relationships with roasters and international traders and so, to sell their coffee with a better value-added. 

    As a non-profit organization, CPC has 3 specifi objectives:
    - To represent the coffee farmers of the Bolaven Plateau at the government level, within the bodies’ coordination of the coffee supply chain at domestic and international levels, and for all activities related to coffee.
    - To provide technical assistance to its members in all aspects of coffee production.
    - To support its members in all activities related to coffee marketing and promotion.

    Within the framework of these objectives, CPC implements activities in order to:
    - Ensure the production of high quality coffee to be exported to “niche” markets (Organic, fair trade and “gourmet”).
    - Develop its sales on domestic market for roasted quality coffees.
    - Promote the image of high-quality Lao coffee for a sustainable development of the local economy.

    The Bolaven Plateau is located in southern Laos, at the crossroads of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, at 1000-1300 meters -- Varietals: Typica and Catimor

    We use this great coffee in some of our blends.

    *information courtesy of Cooperative Coffees
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