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    Empty drying racks at the KODUKAK producer group in Rwanda | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd.  A cultural welcome at the KODUKAK coffee producers in Rwanda | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd.  Drying coffee in Rwanda | Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd.  KODUKAK board members Thiacienne and vice-chair Fikili | Bean North Coffee Roasting, Yukon, Canada

    Koperative Dutezimbere Kawa Kigeyo (KODUKAK) only became a registered cooperative in 2015. In 2006 there were just over 250 coffee farmers who decided to collect and process their coffee cherries together in order to increase the quality of Kigeyo's coffee. Now KODUKAK has close to 1000 members (30% are female members), and they are a member of the secondary cooperative COOPAC. COOPAC was founded in 2001, is well established and has over 8,000 coffee producer members from the six areas of Ack, Ubuzima, Tuzamurane, Kopabm, Abakundakurima and Abanyamurava in Rwanda's Western province. 

    KODUKAK farmers specialize in fully washed Bourbon heirloom coffee, a prized strain of arabica coffee. The co-op received their FLO certification in early 2016 which means this is the first year the cooperative accumulates a Fair Trade premium. During the next general assembly the producers will decide how this premium will be used.

    Located in Gisenyi in the Rubavu district of western Rwanda at 1900 meters -- Varietals: Bourbon

    Read more about this Rwanda Coffee Cooperative at COOPAC's website.

    *information courtesy of Cooperative Coffees